Staff spotlight: Finding my place in rural America

County license plate numbers began in Nebraska during the 1920s with more populous counties generally having smaller numbers. Growing up, my father would jokingly ask my mother, who grew up in Thayer County, if she knew who was driving a car with 32 on the license plate, suggesting that she knew everyone in the county.

Field needs to be leveled for family farmers

Sen. Grassley (IA) and Rep. Fortenberry (NE) are standing up for family farmers in very tough times. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced they plan to release regulations this year addressing payments to family farms. These payments offer essential support to family farmers, but current loopholes are exploited by the largest farms that sometimes receive hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in payments.

Your rural voice: Property tax relief requires new revenue streams

The Center for Rural Affairs agrees that property taxes are too high and local schools and government entities are forced to be too reliant on property taxes. This reliance upon property taxes for education and local government demands even the most comprehensive property tax relief plan receive careful scrutiny as these institutions underpin the existence of rural communities.


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