Rhea Landholm
Rhea Landholm
Communications Manager

I grew up in the small town of Lyons, Nebraska, the hometown of the Center, and had a lot of unique opportunities during my childhood—riding my bike until it got dark, selling Girl Scout cookies to almost everyone in town, and helping organize the parade during our community celebration at the age of 17. I knew almost everyone in town through my church, school, and working at the newspaper.

Rural communities are so important, and I’m grateful to have lived and worked in them for most of my life. Before joining the Center team, I spent several years working in small town newspapers, holding a variety of positions during that time, and I have several years of experience in the public relations field.

Being close to home, close to family, means a lot to me. I rent from my parents, in a home that's located just six blocks from the Center’s office, and I enjoy visiting with them almost daily. My brother and his family, including my niece and nephew, live fairly close by on an acreage, and my sister lives in Omaha with her husband-to-be. All of my aunts, uncles, and a lot of my cousins are very close as well.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking with my significant other and my Cairn Terrier, Abby, in state parks throughout the U.S., and traveling to national parks, as well as visiting local businesses, restaurants, and breweries.

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