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Funding IWILL necessary to protect Iowa’s natural attributes and future

While COVID-19 has disrupted our daily activities and lifestyles, including suspending the Iowa legislative session, it gives elected officials more time to consider HSB 657/SSB 3116 to fund the Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, also known as IWILL. 

Growth in solar capacity projected to fuel rural economies

The growth of the solar industry has brought a wave of new projects to Nebraska, including a community solar farm in Scottsbluff that's expected to save the city more than $2 million in energy costs over 25 years.

With more projects on the horizon, Lu Nelsen, policy program associate for the advocacy group Center for Rural Affairs, says solar is poised to boost rural economies.

Iowa bill to boost state sales tax would help with conservation

DES MOINES, IOWA— Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is trying to build support for a 1-cent sales-tax increase that would help fund conservation programs. It's a tough sell in the Legislature, but some groups are throwing their support behind the plan.

A portion of the tax hike would fulfill a 2010 constitutional amendment to the Iowa Water and Land Legacy trust fund. No money has been added to the fund since it was created, leaving rural areas to struggle with the effects of climate change.