We are unapologetically rural. We stand up for the small family farmer and rancher, new business owner, and rural communities.

Since 1973, we've been a leading force engaging people to build a better rural future. We live this work. Welcome to our rural revolution.

As long as rural advocates are needed for health care, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and community development, you can bet we’ll be in the front lines, building a bright rural future.

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We breathed fire and ran on unrefined youthful energy. It was 1973. We knew that if we wanted federal policy to work for rural Americans, we had to raise our voice. So we opened shop in an old storefront in rural Nebraska and put nose-to-grindstone. We grew a rural grassroots community. We spoke up...
We are committed to keeping the issues facing rural America in the news media. Here you'll find news on the work we do on public policy, farming and ranching, small businesses, and rural communities.
We aren't afraid of the weeds. The people living in rural America deserve a serious and in-depth look at the issues and forces impacting their communities.
What's happening with the Center for Rural Affairs? Find the latest on rural America and our work here.
From small business trainings to beginning farmer learning circles to town hall events with lawmakers and more, we strive to connect you with resources and peers across rural communities.
We celebrate our rural culture while working on national issues that impact all rural citizens. We live and work rural.
Our dedicated board drives forward our Center for Rural Affairs mission and values. Members meet quarterly and regularly provide support to staff.