Evergreen Society

Have you ever wondered what more you can do for rural America, but lack time? Was one of your new year's resolutions to give back more? Have you ever intended to make a donation, but then it slipped your mind?

Good news: We’ve made it easy to make a difference for rural America. Spend two minutes of your time creating lasting impact toward rural America by joining our Evergreen Society, a group creating lasting impact in rural America. Even $10 or $20 a month or quarter can go a long way to further the work of the Center for Rural Affairs.

When you join our Evergreen Society, you become part of a dedicated group of people who believe that rural matters. You’ll join farmers, educators, entrepreneurs, and other rural warriors who support our work year-round.

Join today

Visit our main donation page, and click on the "frequency" button to choose either monthly or quarterly donations.

Your impact

Take a look at what our Evergreen Society donors enabled us to do last year:

  • Train 36 aspiring and beginning Latino farmers on financial management, business planning, marketing, and production skills.
  • Create networks with over 180 veteran farmers near a training base in Missouri which resulted in a farm training incubator.
  • Protect more than 70 million acres under the Conservation Stewardship Program, a federal farm conservation program you helped win.
  • Cross the $12 million mark in total small business loans placed in the history of the Center. That’s money creating opportunities in small towns.

Special rewards

When you join the Evergreen Society, you get these special rewards:

  • Fewer fundraising appeals (maybe one or two in December, in case you’d like to chip in a little extra).
  • An update tailored just for you. You’ll see what you’re helping to do year-round.
  • A really cool (and soft) t-shirt when you sign up for your recurring gift, plus discounts to our online store throughout the year.
  • Our deep gratitude (because giving smaller amounts throughout the year really does amount to greater impacts in projects you support).

Your sustained support

The Evergreen Society is especially important to the work of the Center. It provides support throughout the year, not just during the big rush in December. This translates into funding for projects that otherwise would just be ideas and sustained efforts to push forward the essential work that has earned your support.

Evergreen Society donors believe in our work and know their contributions of $10 or $20 a month or quarter make a difference.

Your impact, made convenient.

Questions? Contact Emilee at or 402.687.2100.