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Academies and Courses

Whether you’re new to an industry or just need a refresher on the basics, join one of our Academies. These multi-day, industry-specific trainings are beneficial to entrepreneurs in construction, child care, restaurants, or cleaning.

Attendees will take away knowledge to turn a business idea into a plan, develop business skills, and learn what is needed to succeed in each industry.

Topics of classes within the industry-specific Academies include financials, marketing, management, regulations, permits, and licensing requirements. We also discuss lending and what it takes to obtain a loan for your business at any stage.

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Construction Academy

In Construction Academy, attendees will learn the start-up basics from how to make bids, to safety requirements for contractors, subcontractors, or anyone wanting more information about the construction industry. Instructed by members of Nebraska Building Chapter. Offered in both Spanish and English.

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Restaurant Academy

Attend Restaurant Academy to learn the basics of starting and managing restaurants, about profits and losses, the importance of inventories, and responsibilities of the health code. Offered in Spanish.

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Cleaning Academy

Start your own cleaning business by learning the best practices of the industry, including cleaning chemistry; cleaning and maintenance of different types of floors, carpets, bathrooms; estimates/quotes; and much more. Attend all classes and pass the exam to get a Cleaning Management Institute certification. The course is free. Participants are responsible for the certification fee. Offered in Spanish.

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Child Care Academy

In Child Care Academy, learn about the requirements, licensing, and introduction to child care as well as discuss how to maintain child safety. This online version provides “Safe with You” and steps to start your own child care business. Offered in Spanish.

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Trucking Academy

Do you have the drive? Learn how to start your own trucking enterprise, both state and federal level requirements, how to prepare for the Department of Transportation audit of new entrants, and more. Offered in Spanish.


Financial Literacy Course

Financial Literacy is a series of modules that teaches participants to understand personal finances as it is the first step toward managing their business finances. This includes: financial business, cash flow management, credit information, and planning and tax filing modules. Offered in Spanish and English.

Marketing Course

Our Marketing Course will teach participants to create their own promotions as well as gain the knowledge to market their business successfully. Discussion covers the basics of Facebook business pages including posting, sharing posts on community pages, engaging the audience while driving them to your page, and using Facebook Live. Offered in Spanish.

Social Media Course

Social Media offers attendees the opportunity to learn how to market their business using online methods. Sessions will cover how to claim their business on Google, how to use Facebook and other social media platforms to effectively market their business, and much more. Offered in Spanish and English.

Latina Women's Business Conference

In Spanish only

¿Quiere acceso exclusivo a las sesiones de la Conferencia Empresarial de Mujeres Latinas 2022? Aprenda cómo crear un plan comercial exitoso, perfeccionar las habilidades de liderazgo, administrar el flujo de efectivo, y escuchar acerca de la mercadotecnia y ventas en línea a su ritmo. Inscríbase ahora para ver los videos.

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