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Entrepreneur & Community Coaching Network

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Join the Entrepreneurship & Community Coaching Network that works for rural Nebraska communities and builds upon their strengths.

Led by the Center for Rural Affairs, this network is for aspiring and existing small businesses, as well as community organizations supporting small businesses, who may also engage with Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs. We can assist aspiring and existing business owners take each of the necessary next steps to start up, launch, and sustain your business.

If you are a part of an organization and community that would like to increase your business and leadership savvy to engage with more diverse members of your community in more meaningful ways, we provide coaching.

For: aspiring or existing small businesses

If you are an aspiring or existing small business interested in receiving coaching, please apply here

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For: community organizations

If you are a community organization seeking coaching and resources, please apply here

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Seeking: mentors

If you are an individual or business who would like to be a mentor, please apply here. Note: we do offer modest compensation to our mentors. 

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Together, we will focus on:

  • Conversations as a starting point to see how we can most effectively support businesses and organizations.
  • Clearing out any clutter, confusion, or stress and the most important needs first.
  • Meeting small businesses where they are at, learning where they most need support, and designing goals that fit their own unique needs and interests.
  • Working with communities to design and meet community-specific needs. Both emerging and established businesses and community leaders are invited to apply.
  • Connecting both community organizations and small businesses to timely, relevant tools, training, resources, or mentors that will aid in successfully meeting goals or needs.
  • Identifying coaching opportunities available to both entrepreneurs and community organizations who support them.

Leadership in your community

Woman sitting on a chair reading a book to children sitting in front of her on a blanket

In West Point, Nebraska, organizers of a weekly farmers market have gone above and beyond buying and selling, and have brought their entire community together through inclusive events for adults and children alike, with activities and services offered in English and Spanish.

Woman places produce, including watermelon, on a table at a farmers market

En West Point, Nebraska, los organizadores de un mercado de agricultores semanal han ido más allá de comprar y vender, y han reunido a toda su comunidad a través de eventos inclusivos para adultos y niños por igual, con actividades y servicios ofrecidos en inglés y español.

Five women sit around a table

Leaders are the life-blood of small towns and rural communities. The success or failure of community development efforts often rests with the degree of leadership local residents are willing to provide.

This network has been made possible by support from U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation’s Heartland Challenge.