Rural and Agricultural Policy

Rural Microenterprise Development
There is a developing broad agreement among researchers, policy advocates and others that the traditional economic development models of industrial and business recruitment simply do not meet the needs of rural communities.

Health Care Policy and Rural America
Health reform was signed into law on March 23, 2010. With its passage comes a flood of questions about how it will affect rural Americans. We help you understand what the new law means for your family, business and community.

Livestock Competition
The bottom line? In a world where packers own or control all the livestock, there is no place for family farmers and ranchers, rural communities suffer another economic loss and all of us suffer the destruction of our natural environment.

Corporate Farming
A healthy and stable community depends not on the number of livestock being produced, but on the number of livestock producers living and working there. We work to create genuine opportunity for family farms and ranches.

2007 Farm Bill
The Center has developed a series of white papers outlining our proposals for the 2007 Farm Bill. These are working drafts, and your input is invited. Please join us in advocating for farm and rural policy that will revitalize rural America and create a vibrant future!

2002 Farm Bill
A Select archive of materials from our 2002 work that remain relevant to the current Farm Bill debate.

New Homestead Act
The New Homestead Act seeks to attract new residents and businesses to rural areas suffering high out-migration. The New Homestead Act would operate in “high outmigration” counties – those with out-migration of 10 percent or more over the last 20 years.

Nebraska State Policy
Rural Development Policy in Nebraska is a high priority for us. The Center for Rural Affairs works to build support for state policy that supports entrepreneurial rural development.

Citizen Leaders
Citizen leaders often guide others in setting direction, opinions, and action. They play a critical role in an active democracy and in shaping the future. Training and commitment can make typical citizens into effective leaders.

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