Water coming out of irrigation system

Iowa Watershed Resource Library

At the Center for Rural Affairs, we believe that rural Iowans should be involved in the decisions that impact their futures. We also believe the state’s most effective path to cleaner water includes a strong emphasis on a watershed approach. Because of these beliefs, we hope to facilitate the strengthening of existing watershed management authorities in the state, while providing resources to communities who are considering the formation of a new one.

This webpage is intended to serve as a resource library for watersheds across Iowa to inform, assist, and empower those who live within their boundaries. We believe that strong local action, paired with robust stakeholder input, provides a realistic, long-term opportunity for improved water quality in Iowa.

Of the 26 existing watershed management authorities in Iowa, 14 have a watershed management plan on file. Conversely, the remaining 12 watershed management authorities are either in the process of formulating and approving their watershed management plans, or do not have plans completed as of November 2019. 

Map of existing watershed management authorities in Iowa

Map of Watershed Management Authorities in Iowa

Watershed management plans and primary contact