Kalee Olson
Kalee Olson
Policy Manager

I was born in rural Nebraska in the mid-1980s during a farm crisis. I would learn later in life that my family was fortunate enough to make ends meet with a combination of corn, soybeans, and 60 head of beloved Holstein cattle. My grandma and grandpa lived just down the road, and my sister and I were welcome to roam, as long as we stayed within earshot of mom’s holler. Heaven.

After 15 years bouncing back and forth between Nebraska’s urban areas of Lincoln and Omaha (and a brief, albeit significant, time in San Francisco), I’m back on the family farm, where I feel I can make the most difference for the people and places that matter to me. I love hearing first hand-stories from my collective rural neighbors and helping turn their voices into tools that influence the future of our state.

When I’m not at work, you can find me gardening, tending to my family’s cow-calf herd, or on a patio with friends and fellow pets.

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