Two women husking corn
Native Communities

Native Communities

We work alongside the Omaha Nation and Santee Sioux Tribes as well as the Nebraska Indian Community College to nurture food systems. We offer activities to foster cultural traditions, improve diets, better health, and support families growing fruits and vegetables.

Fresh, healthy food in your hands

Community workshops: Throughout the year, we offer training and assistance on growing, harvesting, preserving and cooking fresh food from your garden and foods native to the area. We hold trainings on marketing and selling produce from your garden. Demonstration meals represent how to cook and prepare foods from our garden to share with family, friends and market customers.

Home garden visits: Our garden team visits gardens throughout the summer to answer any questions and help with garden advice.

Farmers markets: Markets are set up on both Reservations for gardeners to sell extra produce to make a small income. We also welcome bead workers, arts and crafts persons, bakers, and other community members, as well as gardeners, farmers, and artists from the surrounding area to sell homemade and handmade items. Markets accept SNAP.

Fresh food baskets, other distributions: When gardeners have extra produce, we provide an opportunity for them to sell their produce as well as a chance for community members to purchase healthy food at an affordable price through food baskets. In times of need, we facilitate fresh food box distributions.