Multiple wind turbines in a green field with a blue sky
Clean Energy Policy
Wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects help revitalize rural communities

Clean Energy Policy

Clean energy offers a significant opportunity to diversify the rural economy while generating cheap, renewable power for rural homes and businesses.

Wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects help revitalize rural communities by taking advantage of their rich energy resources. New tax revenue from these projects help shore up local infrastructure, like schools and emergency services, while reducing the local tax burden on rural people. Meanwhile, farmers and landowners receive land-lease payments from project developers in an unpredictable farm economy. In addition, new jobs are created by the increased demand for local manufacturing and project operators.

To maximize the impact of clean energy development, a critical need arises for new and upgraded transmission capacity to carry renewable energy generated across wide geographic areas to consumers. Investing in transmission infrastructure creates new access to clean energy and allows rural economies in the Midwest and Great Plains to unlock their clean energy potential.

We aim to assist landowners and other rural stakeholders to ensure that clean energy transmission is built in an equitable, sustainable way—a way that works best for rural citizens and their communities.

Below you'll find links to resources the Center has created that address specific issues related to clean energy and an interactive map highlighting clean energy work in rural communities.

Wind, solar, and transmission siting library

To assist stakeholders in conversations about the siting and development of renewables and electric transmission, the Center has created resources that address specific issues often raised during the development process. 

Find those resources in our siting library.

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