Nebraskans have opportunity in untapped solar potential

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The growth of the solar industry has brought a wave of new projects. As prices decline, developments are becoming larger and bringing with them new economic opportunity. Nebraska has substantial potential to reap the benefits of solar expansion at the residential, community, or utility scale.
  • While nationally the solar industry grew by 15.6 percent between October 2018 and October 2019, in Nebraska, it grew by 21.1 percent.
  • Nebraska ranks 47th among states and territories in solar power production. About .08 percent of the state’s electricity is currently produced from solar, enough to power the equivalent of 5,929 homes.
  • The solar industry created 1,328 jobs related to solar in the state, either in manufacturing, installation, development, and/or associated services.
  • Nebraska ranks seventh among states for total energy consumed per capita.4 Although the state has a relatively low population, many of its major industries are energy-intensive.