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Recent posts by Heidi Kolbeck-Urlacher

South Dakota Legislative update - March 13, 2020

South Dakota’s Legislative Session has nearly reached its conclusion. Thursday was day 36 (out of 37) of the session and Monday was the deadline for all bills or joint resolutions to pass both houses. March 30 is considered the 37th and last day of the session and is reserved for gubernatorial vetoes.

SB 157 undercuts local control

Local citizens deserve a chance to be fully informed and weigh in on proposed development in their communities.

Senate Bill 157, brought at the request of Gov. Noem and advanced in the Senate, erodes local control by restructuring the county zoning and appeals process in a way that removes the requirement of a public hearing for projects with special permitted use. Public hearings are one of the few avenues stakeholders have to provide comments to local officials on proposed projects, and they need to be preserved.

South Dakota Legislative Update-Jan. 28

Today is Day 10 of South Dakota’s Legislative Session. Our state’s session is short and moves quickly. This year there are 37 Legislative Days (LD) and all bills need to be introduced by Feb. 7 (LD 16) and pass both houses by March 9 (LD 33). The last day for gubernatorial vetoes is March 30 (LD. 37). 

Right now new bills are being introduced daily and we anticipate our bill watch list growing. Below are a few bills we are currently monitoring.