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Energy Efficiency for Small Business

Small businesses typically spend 30% more of their operating costs on utility bills than large firms in the same industrial classification. Energy is seen as “the cost of doing business.” But those “fixed” costs can be reduced. Energy efficiency projects help improve your businesses’ cash flow and bottom line.

Women’s History Month: A Bright Future For Women-Owned Small Businesses

Today, women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of new businesses in our economy.

In fact, an analysis by American Express suggests that the number of women-owned businesses has risen by 200,000 over the past year alone, which is equivalent to just under 550 new women-owned firms created each day.

Regardless of how you slice the data, we know that this trend is growing and that women are over-indexing in entrepreneurship.

There’s More to It than Wind

Rural America is privy to some of the juicy plots of land for wind power production. It’s well known throughout the energy sphere that sprawling, unencumbered land masses are best suited for wind collection. And, fortunately enough, most of those land masses sit in countryside communities.

But that’s old news. We’ve all heard about wind power potential. And interestingly enough, that’s not the only place where rural America fits into the equation for nationwide sustainability.

The Keystone XL Pipeline and the Ogalalla Aquifer

The Keystone XL Pipeline debate has struck hard in the state of Nebraska, causing a division in opinion amongst experts. John Stansbury, an Environmental engineering Phd., feels the pipeline poses significant danger to Nebraska’s Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies the majority of the state’s water. Jim Goeke, a UNL hydrologist who has studied the aquifer for many years, feels strongly that the aquifer would be safe.