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Nebraska lawmakers could create markets for homegrown food

As a member of the steering committee of the Nebraska Food Council, I am writing to support Legislative Bill (LB) 304. I am a retired farmer who spent 35 years, for the most part, raising commodities. I remember being told by politicians and agribusiness that Nebraska farmers were feeding the world

Cover crops can help farmers address climate change with Legislature’s support

I am writing to express alarm about rapid climate change. Scientists agree that climate change is occurring fast. The facts are overwhelming. Consequently, most mainstream Christian denominations, such as, Episcopal, Lutheran, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian, Methodist, and United Church of Christ, and other religions, are warning about carbon dioxide emissions changing our climate.

Proposed food law supports entrepreneurship in Nebraska

I would like to share my support for the changes proposed with Nebraska Legislative Bill 304. The proposed changes would broaden local food based economic development options by allowing people to sell the same types of non-hazardous food items (cookies, cakes, breads, along with jams and jellies) they can sell legally at farmers markets through other direct to consumer means. This may include Facebook-based buy, sell, and trade groups.