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Pile On

In addition to what I said below, I have a few even less well collected thoughts on the unfolding financial meltdown.

What does a $700,000,000,000 bailout check mean for the rest of the federal budget? At best, it means more debt for a future generation to deal with. At worst, it could mean tightened spending on everything from rural development to children's health care. That's a pretty sorry state of affairs.

Enter Stage Right: Steph Larsen

In my my post yesterday, I promised that we had some plans for this blog. Meet part of that plan - Steph Larsen.

Steph is the new Rural Policy Organizer at the Center, working out of our main office in rural northeastern Nebraska. Before we stole her to come work with us, Steph worked as a policy organizer and policy director for the Community Food Security Coalition in their Washington, D.C. office.

One Hell of a Fight Later

And so it began:

I'm Dan Owens, a Rural Policy Program Organizer at the Center for Rural Affairs.  I'd like take a moment to welcome you to the new home of the Blog for Rural America, within the Center for Rural Affairs website.