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Something to Crow About

Our good friends at the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition have a new website and have started their own blog. As in all of their work, I expect nothing short of greatness from them when it comes to this new endeavor (no pressure, folks). Read the blog, Something to Crow About, here. I've added them to the blog roll on the right as well.

The day the Internet was saved?

One week ago, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced that the agency's engineers concluded that vacant TV channels -- known as "white spaces" -- can be used to extend high-speed wireless Internet access to hard-to-reach rural areas and underserved urban neighborhoods, without harming over-the-air TV signals.

Opening this new spectrum for broadband use offers tremendous promise to those working to:

    October 22: National Health Care Call-In Day

    Editor's note: This post was contributed by Jon Bailey, Rural Research & Analysis Program Director at the Center for Rural Affairs.

    In our work with family farmers and rural small business owners, we hear over and over again that one of the largest challenges they face is access to health care. So, in the coming months, we will be turning our attention to this important issue. A strong health care system that provides access to all, will make our rural communities stronger too.