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Recent posts by Brian Depew

Connecting Small Renewable Generators to the Grid

The Center recently joined with 24 other organizations to support changes to federal regulations that will make it easier for small and midsize solar and wind systems to connect to the electric grid.

Proposed changes will increase transparency and reduce wait time when generation systems producing 20 megawatts or less seek to connect to the grid.

Center’s Board Calls for Action on Immigration

At our June meeting, the Center’s Board of Directors backed a proposal to fix the broken immigration system. Board president and Fullerton, Nebraska, farmer Jim Knopik noted that immigration reform is at the top of the national agenda. Given that, it is important to emphasize that rural communities have much to gain from fixing current immigration policy.

Let Democracy Work

Our country was founded on the bedrock principle of democracy. We frequently urge you to weigh in with your representatives to support or oppose legislation. That’s what makes democracy work – active participation by people like you. You elect representatives, tell them what you think, and in turn you expect them to govern.

Recently we’ve witnessed antidemocratic tactics weakening rural health care and threatening the bedrock principle of democracy.

Take two examples.

Response to Reader Critique of Wind Energy Work

Several of you have criticized our work on wind energy. Specifically, our support for utility-scale wind and transmission lines to bring energy from rural areas to urban demand centers. Critics contend that puts us at odds with community wind energy. We view it differently. Here’s why.

A Doctor for Your Town

You know how important your doctor is. No one should live in a county without one. To help, the Affordable Care Act invests in new and expanded efforts to train doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to practice in rural communities like yours.