Leopold Center preserved; funding redirected

Late last week, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad vetoed a provision in a budget bill that would have eliminated the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. (We sent a letter to Iowa lawmakers that can be found here.)

His action provides for the continued existence of the Leopold Center; however, state funds previously allocated to the Leopold Center will be transferred to the Nutrient Research Center at Iowa State University.

The nitty-gritty of the administrative implications for the Leopold Center are still under review, but the Leopold Center faces a massive transformation and fundraising effort. We encourage our supporters to stay engaged with the Leopold Center and reach out to Iowa State if you would like to help support them through this transition.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the massive grassroots effort to save the Leopold Center. Every phone call made, every petition signed and drafted, every story shared, every op-ed submitted, and every testimony presented added up to political win that today, we celebrate.

Click here to read a piece by Mark Peterson, a farmer who lives near Stanton, Iowa, who testified in favor of funding the Leopold Center in April.