McClure is REAP Friend of the Year

Small Business

Glennis McClure, of Beatrice, Nebraska, was chosen as the Center for Rural Affairs’ Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) 2016 Friend of the Year. She was recognized at an award ceremony on March 10 in York, Nebraska.

The REAP Friend of the Year Award is presented annually to an individual, organization, or institution that provides invaluable service to entrepreneurs by assisting REAP staff in offering technical assistance, business training, loans, and networking across rural Nebraska.

“Glennis is a longtime friend of REAP,” said Monica Braun, REAP Women’s Business Center director. “She is a constant source of referrals to our program as senior development coordinator of Gage Area Growth Enterprise.”

Glennis has not only been a friend, she served as the first REAP Women’s Business Center director in 2001, and became co-director of REAP in 2004. In 2006, she moved on to new ventures but has continued to support REAP.

In subsequent careers with the Federal Reserve Bank, Nebraska Enterprise Fund, and Gage Area Growth Enterprise, she has promoted REAP to clientele. Further, with the Nebraska Enterprise Fund, she provided additional loans to REAP clients; and with Gage Area Growth Enterprise, she collaborates on and sponsors Women’s Business Center training activities.

She has served on the REAP advisory committee and on the Rural Investment Corporation loan review board.

Glennis’ passion for entrepreneurs in small business aligns with REAP’s mission,” Monica said. “Her continued support and partnership are vital to our program. Glennis, we thank you.”

“I think the main thing I’d like to say tonight is that to have a friend, you must be a friend,” Glennis said at the awards dinner. “All of you are friends of mine.”

She continued, “We have come a long way since 1999. People in this state now are recognizing how small business is very foundational to economic development.”

“Of course, in our rural communities, we all know that sometimes the only way communities are going to grow is if you help the small businesses,” Glennis said. “I’m just really blessed to be working in Beatrice and Gage County where they recognize that.”

Feature photo: Glennis McClure, middle, receives the Center for Rural Affairs Rural Enterprise Assistance Program's (REAP's) Friend of the Year Award at a ceremony on Friday, March 10, in York. L-R: Eugene Rahn, senior loan specialist; Jeff Reynolds, past director of REAP; McClure; Janelle Moran, southeast loan specialist; and Monica Braun, REAP Women's Business Center director. McClure, a longtime friend of REAP, refers clients to REAP and assists with training activities. She served as the first Women's Business Center director and was a co-director of REAP.