Center offers Express Loans up to $10,000, Small Business Administration payment relief

Small Business

You can count on our relentless commitment to you and your business during this unpredictable time.

I want to let you know about our Express Loans. Qualifying loans may be eligible for up to six months of payment assistance from the Small Business Administration under the Small Business Debt Relief Program of the CARES Act. These Express Loans are available to new and returning borrowers.

You can start an application at:

Express Loans

  • Amount: Up to $10,000, Based on credit score
  • Terms: Up to 36 months, Affordable rates
  • Payment relief: Qualifying loans may receive up to 6 months of payments made by SBA
  • Underwriting: Credit based underwriting, Limited document requirements
  • Timeline: Prequalify in 24 hours, Decision within 3 business days after applications and documents are complete

Does your business need more than $10,000? We continue to offer small business loans up to $150,000. Loans up to $50,000 may also qualify for 6 months of full or partial payments from the Small Business Administration.

You can start an application at:

Or contact your loan specialist. You can find their information here.

We are pleased that as a community based lender, we can support you at this time.

Learn more about Express Loans here. Click here to learn more in Spanish