Lucia Schulz
Lucia Schulz
Community Organizing Associate

I grew up as a migrant worker, traveling every summer to different parts of the nation. This experience helped me connect with farmers, especially the shared love of the soil. Throughout my travels, I gained a lot of insight that has helped me see the importance of rural communities, which, at times, were super welcoming to us as migrant workers.

Rural communities are very important because they are the backbone of what makes Nebraska special – each rural community I have visited has its own dynamic personality, and these various personalities are worth safeguarding. For all these reasons, I feel grateful to work at the Center, where I can help others who are in the same position I was. Being able to spread the word about farming, especially within the Latino community, is very important to me, and it’s work I enjoy very much.

My husband, Caleb, and I currently live in Omaha with our pets – Chuck, a cockatiel; Blue and Papaya, our parakeets; and Speck, a black moor fish. We are full-time Bible volunteers, and love to help our congregation by offering Bible education courses to those who are interested. We also love visiting farmer markets whenever we get the chance.

Hablo español.

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