Erin Schoenberg
Erin Schoenberg
Senior Development Associate

Like so many others who grew up (and remain) in a rural environment, I feel a strong pull to protect and strengthen the landscape and people who keep communities viable. I want to work to help the "little guys" so they are always there and thriving.

As part of the Center team, I’m able to roll up my sleeves and jump right in with the rest of the staff to where we feel we can make the biggest impact—from beekeeping to inclusion to conservation innovation. I hope the work I do motivates producers, business owners, and community members to seek out resources and take the next steps to be successful.

My hobbies are multi-generational favorites: quilting, reading comic books, baking bread, and playing in the dirt. My husband, Chris, and I live on a little farmette just northwest of Lincoln, where we keep a few chickens, a couple barn kitties, and one lazy husky dog.

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