Erin Schoenberg
Erin Schoenberg
Development Manager

My parents taught me how important it is to support independent, family-owned businesses. And, growing up on a farm and ranch in north central Nebraska helped me learn how we all have to adapt, be kind, and put in the work to create the future we hope for.

I have fond memories of being a barefoot country kid and mowing hay as a teenager. Honestly, even the barbs poking through my leather gloves as I rolled wire is a reminder of how lucky I was to grow up in rural America.

The role I have with the Center allows me to speak with and show appreciation to all the wonderful people who believe in the organization's work. I love connecting with people and getting to know their background; how they became passionate about rural America and how they came to know and support the Center. Those connections delight and drive me, and strengthening those relationships means our shared impact across rural communities will be even greater.

I am grateful for the care that I see neighbors have for each other. I think it’s incredibly important that rural communities provide a warm welcome to new residents and choose to adapt and change to become better, more resilient, more joyful. I want to be part of that.

In my personal time, I’m part of a group called Grateful Growers. We bring cut flowers and other nature-related programming to Lincoln, Nebraska-area senior centers. It’s one of the most joyful experiences I’ve ever had.

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