Innovative Local Foods Access: Bonnie & Theo Ramsey, Ramsey's Market

Small Towns
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Theo and Bonnie Ramsey assumed ownership of what was formerly Cheese’s Food Center in April 2015, transforming it into Ramsey’s Market in Lenox, Iowa.

In 2017, Ramsey’s ACE Hardware opened adjacent to Ramsey’s Market. Bonnie and Theo started a new technology grocery service called Fresh Out of the Box in 2021 (read more about this concept in the case study).

Today, the Ramseys invest time and dollars into their community by operating the market, hardware store, and Fresh Out of the Box.

This case study series highlights an innovative local foods access initiative happening in southwest Iowa. It includes a variety of initiatives and projects that can serve as idea-starters to incorporate in other communities. The Center for Rural Affairs is able to assist in developing local food access plans across the region.

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