Center for Rural Affairs January and February 2023 newsletter

Small Towns
Farm and Food
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Editor's Note

The Center for Rural Affairs is approaching a major milestone. This year, on Sept. 5, we celebrate 50 years.

In 1973, we were founded by rural Nebraskans concerned about the loss of economic opportunity in agriculture and the decline of rural communities. Fifty years later, we remain focused on these issues plus more that affect rural people across the country.

The workload has expanded and will continue evolving as communities are faced with new opportunities and challenges. Our staff has multiplied—we now have about 50 full-time staff in four states. Our budget has increased—in 1973, who could’ve dreamed of a $10 million grant like what is featured on the front page of our newsletter?

I bet you have a story of how you connected with us. How many years have you received our newsletter? Did you work at the Center? Were you a part of our work in the 1980s? ‘90s?

Throughout this next year, we’ll be looking back at our last 50 years, studying our present work, and determining what the next 50 years of the Center looks like.

We want to hear from you. Send me an email at Tell us your Center story. Let us know what topics you are most interested in and what you see in our future. I look forward to reading your stories and may even feature them in a future newsletter story or blog (with your permission, of course).

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