A Farm Bill for Rural America: 2023 Farm Bill Platform

Small Towns
Farm and Food
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The Center for Rural Affairs (CFRA) has been at work for nearly 50 years with a mission to establish strong rural communities, social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities. The farm bill is an important legislative vehicle that can be used to support this work.

After extensive outreach and relationship building in rural communities across our priority states, including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Kansas, we developed this list of farm bill priorities. We have had dozens of one-on-one conversations with agricultural producers, several round tables, a paper survey sent to nearly 5,000 individuals, and numerous conversations with organizations and individuals participating in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs.

For a summary of our farm bill platform, click here.