My summer vacation in rural America

By Ava Smith, 10 years old

Note: School is back in session in rural areas across the country. Ava Smith, age 10, daughter of Elisha Smith, spent a day in our office this summer and, inspired by our work, wanted to share her summer vacation experience.

Every morning I get up at sunrise and I get my paint horse (whose name is “Paint”) saddled up and go out in my pasture and check on cows and calves.

I check on the health of the calves and cows. The calves were born in late spring, but we’ve had a few late calvers. So sometimes I discover a new baby calf that has just been born! I make sure those newborn calves are up and sucking. I then report back to my dad and he will treat anything that needs attention.

I also help dad with cattle in the feed yard. I enjoy riding Paint through the pens of cattle and checking on their health and well-being.

After I’m done helping dad with chores I’ll scoop stalls out in the horse barn (horses poop a lot!). It’s messy and kinda stinky, but I like the barn to be clean.

There is always something to do on the farm and it’s a lot of hard work, but I love spending time with my horse and dad and would not want to live or spend summer vacation anywhere else.