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Small Towns

We need your support to develop coalitions of people who understand the challenges and realities of building a business, raising a family, and creating resilient communities in rural America. The strongest voices, capable of the greatest impact, come from the hardworking people who call rural America home.

Our core mission is to help these rural people create positive change and build strong communities. We can’t do it alone. We need you.

Will you help diverse rural people find their voice and be heard? Your donation supports our efforts to provide tools to independent small business owners and farmers like Paula Sandberg of Heritage Acres near McCook, Nebraska.

Paula began attending the Center’s online town halls last year. These events brought state legislators into the same virtual room as their constituents and created a venue in which to directly engage.

As she kept up on important rural issues, Paula also met people who shared her vision for a resilient local food system. Center staff provided guidance to further her involvement, and soon she penned a letter to the Nebraska Unicameral’s Agriculture Committee sharing her farm’s story and struggles. She voiced support for small meat processors and called for meaningful change.

Paula’s voice made a difference. Our rural priority bills saw tremendous success in multiple states this year thanks to bold efforts of advocates like Paula. It's crucial that legislators hear from constituents who have direct experience of the issues at hand. Let's make sure these voices continue to be heard. Will you make a gift to the Center for Rural Affairs today to organize and activate more rural champions?

With your support, Paula will continue advocating for her family farm and neighboring producers. She’s determined to formalize a food council of diverse stakeholders focused on fostering food security while strengthening the local economy and environment. The tools, education, and connections you help us provide people like Paula serve as a framework to bring these opportunities to life.

Will you stand behind programs designed to empower Paula to harness the strength of her voice, take the reins, and make change? You can make a difference by sending a contribution to help us build strong rural advocates.

Take it from Paula: “When it’s your backyard, it’s different. When local people are involved in change making, it’s more long lasting because of their passion.”

Top photo: Paula Sandberg of Heritage Acres is a rural advocate. She uses her voice to reach policymakers, build community, and create change. Will you join in our efforts to empower rural leaders like Paula?

Bottom photo: Paula Sanderg of Heritage Acres works tirelessly to strengthen connections between producers and consumers in rural America. The Center provides support for people like Paula to advocate for their community. Will you send a gift to help us reach more rural leaders and amplify their voices?  |  Photos submitted