Video: from Farm to School Cafeteria to Tray

Small Towns

Veggies only have to travel about five blocks from field to students' plates at East Butler Public Schools in Brainard, Nebraska.

Fox Run Farms, a family-run operation on the edge of Brainard, provides the school lunch program with fresh food. In part one of our two-part Farm to School series featuring East Butler, we join Yolanda Bailey, of Fox Run Farms, as she harvests some red, orange and green peppers.

In part two of our two-part Farm to School series, we witness members of the Food Service Team at East Butler Public Schools receive the peppers. The staff then process the fresh food for the fruit and veggie bar.

Thank you to Kirstin Bailey, Center for Rural Affairs project organizer, for creating these great videos! This was part of a project to help farmers learn more about minimal processing for fruits and vegetables in order to make it easier for schools to purchase locally, sponsored by Nebraska USDA Rural Development.

For more resources for both producers and cafeteria staff, visit our Farm to School page.