Staff spotlight: Working in local foods is Angelyn Wang’s passion project

Farm and Food

Growing up in northern California, Angelyn Wang had a very different take on what rural means compared to living in the Midwest. For the past six years, she’s lived in Omaha and has gained insights into the importance of the role of rural people and communities.

A newfound respect for rural America led Angelyn to the Center for Rural Affairs, where she was recently hired as a local foods associate.

“I appreciate the value of rural America because of the farmers I work with, also because I am raising my daughter to understand the important work that happens all around us, not just in our neighborhood,” Angelyn said.

In her role with the Center, Angelyn works on local food access in farm to school agriculture education programs. Along with her team, she meets with partner organizations, assesses needs, and helps out in any way she can.

“I strive to align my work in local foods with the needs of the communities that we serve,” said Angelyn. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work within such a diverse group of people with so many interesting projects, and I love learning from people and their experiences.”

Anna Johnson, Farm and Community manager with the Center, feels Angelyn is the perfect fit for the team.

“Angelyn has extensive experience working in farmers market management, food hubs, and related local foods spaces,” said Anna. “She has the background and know-how to help us bring focus to a new local foods project in southwest Iowa.”

Angelyn has been around food since she was a child. Her family owned a restaurant in California, which sparked her love for all things food- and kitchen-related.

During college, Angelyn majored in international relations at the University of California, Davis and studied foreign languages. She has since worked in operations and human resources for an insurance company, then was a stay-at-home parent. After moving to Omaha, she became more involved in local foods and volunteered at community gardens around the city.

Now, Angelyn works on projects in southwest Iowa, along with partner organizations in that area.

“I consider working in local foods as my passion project, so I am beyond excited to be working on my passion project for my actual job,” she said.

In her free time, Angelyn travels to visit family who still lives in California and Nevada, as well as being in a book club and visiting markets. Her daughter, Cora, keeps Angelyn busy with her many hobbies including art, sledding, climbing trees, and swimming. They have two dogs, Louie and Betty Biscuit, and Angelyn enjoys seeing all four seasons in Nebraska. 

Angelyn works from her home office in Omaha; reach her at 402.870.1721 or