Recent poll shows strong concern over climate among Iowans


By Kayla Bergman, former staff member

A recently conducted Des Moines Register poll sought to understand where Iowa voters’ views on climate change are. The poll, conducted from March 3 to 6, 2019, surveyed 400 registered Iowa Republicans and 401 likely Iowa caucus-goers on various topics, including climate change. The results indicate climate change will continue to be an important part of the political dialogue in the 2020 election.

Of the 400 Iowa Republicans surveyed, 56 individuals (14 percent) believe climate change is a major threat. Another 160 individuals (44 percent) believe climate change is a minor threat to our planet. Combined, 58 percent of Iowa’s registered Republicans believe that climate change is a threat on some level to our planet.

Younger generations are increasingly worried about climate change—65 percent of Iowa Republicans 35 years or younger see climate change as a major or minor threat. The scientific consensus is that we only have a few years left to fight climate change.

Iowa Democrats, who are also likely caucus-goers for the 2020 presidential election, want presidential candidates to spend a lot of time talking about climate change. This poll found that 80 percent of Iowa Democrats want climate change to be one of the leading issues discussed on the campaign trail.

Climate change is a global challenge that impacts all communities, rural and urban alike. As the 2020 election cycle progresses, rural communities should challenge candidates on their plans to fight it.