Farm to School Profile: Fremont Community Learning Centers – Afterschool Programs

Small Towns

School Name: Fremont Community Learning Centers – Afterschool Programs

  •         Washington Elementary
  •         Linden Elementary
  •         Milliken Park Elementary

School Address: Main Street Education and Administration Center, 130 East 9th Street, Fremont, NE 68025

Number of Students: Total participating students among 3 schools = 260

How many schools are in your district? 10 school buildings

Please list programs you participate in:

  • After School snack program
  • Summer Feeding program

Name of farm or business used for local purchases:

Nebraska Food Cooperative – this has allowed us to purchase from numerous places across the state

Items/Foods regularly purchased:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

What Farm to School activities does your school participate in?

  • School garden
  • Local product of the month
  • Recipes & taste tests

Is your school involved in growing food for the cafeteria?


Does your school have a garden or greenhouse?

Linden Elementary has a school garden that the after school program and summer program have access to and help maintain.

Equipment available to you in your kitchen(s):

Regular equipment depending on the building. Some buildings we use the entire kitchen and others we have to bring in hot plates, etc.

Share your biggest Farm to School success:

The experience for the kids – learning about how food grows and where it comes from. The kids experiencing new foods has been a great success – especially if they don’t have access to it at home or otherwise.

Share your biggest Farm to School challenge:

Access to curricular resources specific to the state and growing areas within Nebraska has been a challenge to find.

Share your school’s best tip for fresh food procurement, processing and/or storage:

We would receive the produce from the NE food Coop and I would directly distribute it among our schools to use that day. We have nowhere to store food otherwise.

Other pertinent information you’d like to share: This past July, the kids were able to harvest, prepare and manage a mini-farmer’s market stand selling our produce.  Along with the skills they developed in setting this up, they learned business and customer service skills bagging up the orders, counting up totals and counting back change, and creating receipts.

Please share a student and/or teacher/staff quote if available:

“Garden peas are good!” (Voice of all young children who hate peas, yet realize how much they love them from the garden – because they are better)