Farm to School Profile: Bancroft-Rosalie Community School

Small Towns

School Name:  Bancroft-Rosalie Community School

School Address:  708 Main St., Bancroft, NE 68004

Who is on your school’s internal Farm to School team?  Superintendent, Food Service Director and staff, and Elementary School teachers

Number of Students:  265

How many schools are in your district? 1 - PreK-12

Size of cafeteria staff:  4
# Full-Time Staff:  2
# Part-Time Staff:  2

Equipment available to you in your kitchen(s):  Deck ovens, 2 convection ovens, steamer, 2 burner stove, 2 milk coolers, upright freezer and refrigerator, walk-in cooler and freezer, and dish machine.

Does your cafeteria offer a salad bar?  We offer a fruit and vegetable bar at our school.

Please list programs you participate in:  National School Lunch Program, Breakfast Program and Snack Program after school

Free-Reduced Lunch Rates: 40%

Name of farm or business used for local purchases:  D&V Produce and C&C Egg Company - Kai Farms both near Bancroft, NE, Hiland Dairy in West Point, and Missouri Valley Honey in Walthill.

Items/Foods regularly purchased:  Fresh fruit and vegetables, Eggs, Milk and Honey.

What Farm to School activities does your school participate in? Sampling, Pennies to Produce/”Breakfast Guest Day,” and beginning some classroom discussions about nutrition or fruits and vegetables being served.

Is your school involved in growing food for the cafeteria?  No

Does your school have a garden or greenhouse used for Farm to School activities? No

Share your biggest Farm to School success: The Pennies for Produce activity we did last year during March was really the most widely promoted and participated activity we have done so far.  It was a lot of fun for our staff, the teachers and the kids!

Share your biggest Farm to School challenge:  Finding local suppliers

Where does your school tell its Farm to School story?  Our website and our school newsletter.  

A student’s thoughts on the Pennies for Produce activity:  “Awesome! Let’s do it again!!”