US Capitol building view from the west, with a reflecting pool in the foreground, with a blue sky behind the building
Farm bill update
Congress approves farm bill extension through September 2024
A community garden with people dressed in sun hats and holding hoes
Celebrating 50 Years
One core tenet has been supporting farmers and ranchers
Blue and white truck crosses railroad tracks into a rural downtown with facades needing repair
From the desk of the executive director
Helping those who need capital is part of our mission
Man and woman wearing shirts that say "Warehouse Fitness" standing next to exercise equipment in front of a black wall with "WH"
Big dreams
Rene and Maricia turned to the Center for financial assistance
Woman in sunhat and light blue long sleeved shirt speaking into a microphone held in one hand and a couple papers in the other hand
50 years of the Center
Julia Kleinschmit on a good investment and growing up with the Center
Group of people with their backs to the camera, looking into a fenced off area
3-year program for veterans
Workshops offer military veterans the chance to explore agriculture, discover resources

Unapologetically Rural

We are unapologetically rural. We stand up for the small family farmer and rancher, new business owner, and rural communities. For more than 40 years, we've been a leading force engaging people to build a better rural future. We live this work. Welcome to our rural revolution.

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Offering small business and housing loans in Nebraska.
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Loans for small- and medium-sized facilities, resources, advocacy.
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We have programs and resources for beginning, women, veteran, and conventional farmers.
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Find rural analysis on the topics affecting rural communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. Here are some of the more common questions we receive. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please send us an email at

Yes. Our staff host regular videos called "Rural Rapport" that describe our work, and many of our webinars are published online. We even have feature and how-to videos. All clips and full features can be found on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch.

You can donate to the Center in a number of ways.

  • Give online at - either a one-time donation or you can set up a recurring donation.
  • Check out options to give to our Granary Foundation here.
  • You can mail in donations to: Center for Rural Affairs, PO Box 136, Lyons, NE 68038. 

Updates on the 2023 farm bill can be found our farm bill page here. Read up on the Center's priorities here.

Our home ownership loans are from $5,000 to $100,000 and can be used for: purchase of home, owner occupied rehabilitation or renovation, or emergency repair to a property in Nebraska. Visit for more information and to apply online. If you have questions, click here to find your loan specialist.

Our small business loans are only available in Nebraska. Visit to view the types of loans we offer and to apply online. If you have questions, click here to find your loan specialist.

Our Mission

Establish strong rural communities, social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities.