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Jessica Cabán
Loan Specialist

There is so much geographic diversity in Puerto Rico where I was born and raised, though rural communities make up a large part of the island. When I moved to Nebraska three years ago to be close to my mother and younger siblings, I soon learned the impact of agriculture and how it is so crucial to the sustainability of rural communities; from employment creation to providing inexpensive and safe food for our country. I love having access to natural resources and beautiful recreational areas, and appreciate the simpler pace of life, safety, and security rural places offer.

The Center has been involved in my community and I've had the pleasure to meet several of the staff during local and statewide events around Nebraska. I love how approachable they are—their high energy and passion for serving is inspiring. When I learned more about the Center's mission and values I knew being part of the Center team would be a great fit for me.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, meditating, cooking for my friends and family, and spending time in nature. Exploring different communities and learning what makes them special is a favorite pastime of mine. I'm also passionate about mental health awareness and hope to inspire a positive and healthy lifestyle in others. I love the arts—music, murals, paintings, colorful spaces, and creative expression fill my heart with joy.

Habla español.

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