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Farm bill proposal would leave rural businesses behind

Anyone familiar with rural communities knows that locally-owned businesses are the jewels that make them vibrant. However, in many rural communities, entrepreneurs can struggle to establish new businesses. Often, needed resources and training in business planning are unavailable to aspiring, rural business owners.

This week: Senate vote on farm bill, your calls are needed

The farm bill is on the move. This week, the Senate will vote on a draft farm bill, but it is still missing very important changes: policy to address abuse of commodity farm programs and close major loopholes.

We’re expecting TWO important amendments to be introduced to make these needed changes.

One from Sen. Grassley will close loopholes with farm program payments that allow non-farmers to receive large amounts of taxpayer dollars.

Senate farm bill is promising, but has concerns

The Senate Agriculture Committee has released a bipartisan bill that provides important support for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. However, there is room for improvement.

While it would strengthen the underlying policy for conservation programs, it proposes to cut funding for working lands conservation. The bill would also offer greater permanency for many programs for beginning farmers and rural development by combining certain programs.

Your voice is needed to stop harmful farm bill

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote very soon on a troubling draft of the farm bill. Their proposal would slash working lands conservation funding, open up loopholes for unlimited agricultural subsidies, and defund several programs that support rural communities. You can read more here, but in short, this bill would set our progress back by decades.

This bill needs to be voted down – which means your House representative needs to hear from you!