Women Landowner Resource Guide

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If you are a woman landowner in Nebraska, you are part of the 42% of women who own or co-own land. In working with women landowners across the state of Nebraska at the Center for Rural Affairs, we have been sharing the opportunity to be empowered in land ownership. Perhaps you have newly inherited land, or have been managing your land for quite a while. Either way, we’ve discovered that many resources exist to assist you in planning your land management goals and to assess areas of your operation that might be at risk. However, they may not be reaching you or may be difficult to access or navigate.

We created this resource based upon our project, “Introduction to Risk Management: Empowering Absentee Women Landowners in Nebraska.” This project was aimed at arming women with knowledge to look at areas of risk and feel empowered to talk with their operators through a series of farm tours, workshops, and learning circles. Women non-operator landowners face a variety of decisions, and often reply on the advice of others to meet their goal, though that well-intended advice may not reflect the best options.

We hope you’ll find this copy of curriculum used during this project useful in examining risk in your own operations and utilize it as something to refer to, take notes, and keep with your other important documents.