Whole Farm Revenue Protection: Micro Farm

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The Micro Farm crop insurance program, a subprogram of Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP), was created to better serve small agricultural operations. Its coverage is unique from other federal crop insurance programs because it insures the revenue of an entire operation based on tax documents, rather than on yields or production history.

As of 2023, any farm with less than $350,000 in approved revenue is eligible. The program is available in every county of the U.S.

To better fit smaller operations, Micro Farm was designed to be more flexible in its reporting requirements. With Micro Farm, all agricultural commodities in the operation are reported together, and there is no reporting requirement for expenses or expected yields or values for individual commodities.

Additionally, Micro Farm is unique because those with post-production operations can include their value-added products—such as items that have been processed, canned, frozen, etc.— in their allowed revenue when calculating their coverage. For example, revenue for products such as applesauce and jam can be covered.