Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Impact

Small Towns
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1. Stay informed

Sign up for our newsletter.

2. Show up

Attend in-person and/or virtual events; bring questions!

3. Spread the word

Pass along our event information, job openings, and newsletters to your friends and family.

4. Share your story

Share your rural challenges and successes. Stories are impactful.

5. Advocate

Call your representatives, write letters to the editor, testify when possible.

6. Follow and react

Give the Center a follow on social media platforms, and interact with us online.

7. Donate

Individual donations fill crucial gaps. Planned giving and Granary giving are important.

8. Be active in your community

Welcome new community members, go to town meetings, vote, volunteer, and consider running for office.

9. Host an event

We are always looking for training and listening session hosts. Own a farm or business? Consider hosting a tour.

10. Support local businesses

Keep your dollars circulating in your own local economy; doing so helps provide critical employment opportunities.