Small Business News Summer 2023

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Check out the latest edition of our Small Business News packed full of resources for entreprenuers, those looking to own their own business, and small business managers.

In this edition:

Restaurant owner serves Nebraskans and Iowans an authentic taste of Mexico City: With a dream to open a business and the drive to contribute financially to her household, Cristina Hernandez began cooking food to sell out of her home, starting with the recipes she knew best and learning new ones along the way.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Reyna Sibrian, her sister Blanca González, and their mother, Joaquina Rojas, exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that is crucial in rural Nebraska. Entrepreneurship builds robust local economies, creates jobs, and increases incomes.

Add ‘word of mouth’ to your marketing plan: your friends and family about an experience you had with a business? Or have you ever been swayed to try a new business due to a friend’s recommendation? If so, you’ve participated in one of the oldest forms of advertising: word of mouth marketing.

Grow with your business: Nobody sets out with the goal of staying small when they start their business. In fact, growth is the driving motivation behind most of the decisions that are made in a business. It’s easy to come up with ideas about how to grow, but what should you do once your efforts begin to pay off?