Innovative Local Foods Access: Matt Johnson and Tiffiny Clifton, Long Walk Farm

Small Towns
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Matt Johnson and Tiffiny Clifton decided to buy a farm in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an idea that was always in the back of their minds. Tiffiny grew up on a farm, often doing chores for the neighbors. Matt would have loved to have been a farmer, but his family did not own land. They decided to become vegetable farmers due to a lower barrier of entry, when compared to row crop farming.

Long Walk Farm sells its produce at the Legacy Farmers Market in west Omaha on Saturdays and Aksarben Omaha Farmers Market on Sundays. Matt and Tiffiny also sell directly from their farm machine shed via an honor system roadside stand, which they refer to as the “honor shop.”

This case study series highlights an innovative local foods access initiative happening in southwest Iowa. It includes a variety of initiatives and projects that can serve as idea-starters to incorporate in other communities. The Center for Rural Affairs is able to assist in developing local food access plans across the region.

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