Innovative Local Foods Access: Emily Paulsen, Brun Ko Farm

Small Towns
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Emily Paulsen and her husband, Nathan, moved to a 15-acre farm from 6 acres, where they couldn’t access rural water and their well wasn’t very deep. They needed more water to start farming to grow food that people would eat. They began with pasture-raised livestock and vegetables.

The couple grows 30 different veggies, including zucchini, tomatoes, and radishes. Brun Ko Farm has beef cattle, laying hens and broilers, five cow-calf pairs, and 8 to 10 heritage breed pigs per year. They have planted various fruit trees over the years, and are hopeful those will start producing soon.

This case study series highlights an innovative local foods access initiative happening in southwest Iowa. It includes a variety of initiatives and projects that can serve as idea-starters to incorporate in other communities. The Center for Rural Affairs is able to assist in developing local food access plans across the region.

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