Innovative Local Foods Access: Danelle Myer, One Farm Market

Small Towns
Farm and Food
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In 2011, Danelle Myer started her farm, One Farm, and began to produce a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit using organic growing practices. 

In 2020, to celebrate her farm’s 10-year anniversary and to fuel her curiosity about retail, Danelle started One Farm Market, a year-round local foods storefront offering meat, dairy, eggs, honey, seasonings, produce, pasta, granola, and more. One Farm Market is run out of a storefront in Logan, Iowa.

This case study series highlights an innovative local foods access initiative happening in southwest Iowa. It includes a variety of initiatives and projects that can serve as idea-starters to incorporate in other communities. The Center for Rural Affairs is able to assist in developing local food access plans across the region.

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