Farm bill priorities: crop insurance

Farm and Food
Crop insurance priorities

Crop insurance should better serve rural communities. 

Stop allowing taxpayer dollars to go without limit to the largest farmers.

Cap crop insurance subsidies at $50,000. Other public support programs have limits; it makes sense to have limits on crop insurance subsidies, too. Who does this impact? Only 0.9 percent of farmers in 2010 and 2.5 percent of farmers in 2011 received premium subsidies greater than $50,000 and would have been impacted by a cap.

Manage risk through conservation.

Strengthen links between crop insurance and conservation programs, to reward farmers who invest in healthy soil and water.

We urge Congress to continue to level the playing field for diversified farmers by increasing access to crop insurance. Policies like Whole Farm Revenue Protection, that protect a diversity of crops and livestock, can help more farmers and ranchers better manage risk.

Learn more about our crop insurance priorities and what you can do to get involved by clicking below.

Pass a new farm bill before the existing one expires on Sept. 30, 2018.