Conservation Stewardship Program Producer Spotlight: Mike Ruby

Farm and Food
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With the help of Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP),

has implemented multiple practices that add value and longevity to his farm in Greene, Iowa. His whole-farm approach to conservation has led to a diversified operation where row crops, livestock, and native plants and animals are all considered and cared for through conservation practices.

“There are a ton of practices to choose from that can help your farming operation. You just need to keep an open mind,” Mike said.

Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, CSP provides financial and technical assistance to producers seeking a holistic approach to conservation, while maintaining production on their farms or ranches.

In our CSP Producer Spotlight series, we highlight how Mike and others are expanding on their existing conservation efforts through practice enhancements that help them implement methods of farming and ranching that provide an even greater benefit to natural resources, including air, water, and soil.

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