Community Inclusion

Small Towns
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What is community inclusion?

Community inclusion is about bringing people together, learning from each other, and enriching our communities through our collective differences. We accomplish this by identifying and creating opportunities to bring more awareness and engagement across cultural divides throughout rural Nebraska.

Support and training for rural communities

Community and organizational workshops

We provide a variety of engaging workshops for communities and organizations seeking to embrace a culture of welcoming and inclusion. This is accomplished through strategies such as: confronting and identifying our own implicit biases and how they impact our decision making, engaging with people across differences, civil discourse, and how to deepen and enrich communication skills. We also provide these same trainings in a train-the-trainer format.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

The IDI is a personal development tool focused on increasing the intercultural competency of participants through a series of activities of self-reflection​ and intentional growth. By developing their intercultural competency, participants will be able to more effectively communicate, cooperate, and engage with individuals and cultures different from their own experiences. This tool is personalized and flexible to accommodate learning styles, experiences, and differing world views on an individual basis. The IDI is also dynamic enough to be applied to entire groups, measuring and analyzing how a group functions in regard to difference and illustrating strengths as well as potential blind spots relating to navigating cultural differences.

Leadership development and programming

We offer foundational curriculum for existing leadership programs for both adults and youth who strive to develop their cultural knowledge and more inclusive leaders. We work with communities to design and meet community-specific needs.

Emergency response training

Emergencies and crises can happen in rural communities. Is your community prepared to respond? We provide training that prepares communities for responding to emergencies that leave an imprint of fear and uncertainty, such as raids, hate crimes, or replacing rumors by tactics that help communicate facts.

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