The Case for Small Schools

Small Towns
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The "Small Schools" series of articles began as a response to the public statements of some legislators, metropolitan school board members, and others about the need to eliminate small, rural schools. They said small schools are “inefficient,” and take away too many resources (i.e., public aid to education) from deserving larger schools.

One thing, however, is abundantly clear from this series: For most children, smaller schools are better. In that respect, this series of articles advocates not only for small, rural schools, but for all children. As a society we have the opportunity to provide a safer and higher quality of educational experience for our children, and the tragic recent events in America’s schools show the necessity to seize the opportunity.

We are providing this series so advocates for small schools can use it to inform state policymakers, local school board members, and school administrators of the advantages of educating children in small schools. For the sake of our children, future generations, and our society, we hope your efforts are successful.