Building Climate Resilience Leaders: Rural Entrepreneurs Jen and Meredith Hinson

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Jen and Meredith Hinson own Clara's Garden and live in Mediapolis, Iowa.

Jen and Meredith Hinson, mother-daughter business owners, implement various sustainable practices, from sourcing their  florals to how they dispose of remnants and used products. Their flower shop, Clara’s Garden, is focused on sustainability  in the face of our changing climate.

Sourcing flowers

The duo source some flowers for Clara’s  Garden from their family farm—called the Hinson Family Farm—along with foraging  in their timber along the Mississippi River.

Adapting with the changing climate

"We want the next generation to visit and to put  their hands on and to have something there to use—with climate change, we are all going to  have to adapt. I am seeing the effects even with my floral garden being planted so late this year due to excessive rain and flooding." -Jen Hinson​

Climate-friendly practices

  • Minimizing the use  of non-biodegradable floral foam.
  • Composting used flowers and remnants.
  • Rain barrels at  their shop.

Advice for other rural entrepreneurs investing in climate-smart business practices 

"It is completely practical, it just takes time." Jen Hinson