2018 Annual Report & 2019 Wall Calendar

Small Towns
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This 2019 calendar illustrates month-by-month the accomplishments you helped us achieve in 2018. With your help, small businesses are open and expanding;  food systems are created and thriving; and rural people across the country are making their voices heard. Your donations and your actions helped lift the future of the Center and the people we serve.

From our executive director:

I invite you to reflect on the stories represented here. I hope you feel proud when you do. It’s your commitment to the Center for Rural Affairs that made this work possible.

You’ll find that our work is creating opportunities for everyone in rural America, from beginning farmers, to new business owners, to first time advocates. Citizens are taking charge of their future.

We know that small business ownership is vital to our small towns. We lent our 19 millionth dollar to entrepreneurs like Yomara​ (August) and Britney and Cindy (November). Trainings you help support (May) provide small business owners the boost they need to be successful.

Farming is at its best when we put community, stewardship, and the next generation at the forefront. From sound conservation practices (March, September), to ensuring the next generation has the support they need (April, June), to backyard gardens (July), your support allows us to work with farmers of all walks of life.

Our work depends on fair policy written in state houses and Washington. We want to make sure your voice is heard, so we send people like Mariel (February) to talk with her representatives about issues affecting her and her family. Many of you engaged with your representatives for the first time this year.

To be sure, the challenges that face rural communities are real. We also know that if we are persistent, we can create a better future for our communities, ourselves, and future generations. That is the vision and the ethic that we commit ourselves to each and every day.

I am proud to stand with you as we continue this work.

With gratitude,

Brian Depew​
Executive Director

P.S. Do you have ideas to spark change in our communities? I invite you to be in touch. Your ideas and your engagement will shape our work in the year ahead.